Are you an active person that just loves going on adventures either alone, with a spouse, or with the entire family? Such activities are a joy to take part in, as not only do you get outside and get some exercise, it can improve your personal relationships while allowing you to enjoy new sights and destinations.

When it comes to outdoorsy people, you may love nature but don’t want to leave your jewelry behind. You may have gotten a ring that was a family heirloom or a necklace that has special meaning to you. Or, you might just love wearing jewelry and you feel uncomfortable not having something on. If you have the urge to wear something while you are doing outdoor activities, you can go ahead and wear it so long as you keep these simple tips in mind.

Pick Jewelry that Works Best for the Activity

You want to avoid jewelry that will snag on clothing or on outdoor items. For example, a long necklace, loose bracelet or large hoop earrings can get snagged on bushes, rocks or your clothing if you are mountain climbing or hiking over rough terrain. So you want jewelry that sits close to the body but won’t pinch your skin when you move about or perform the activities.

Be Careful of Jewelry and Swimming

Some jewelry can become damaged in chlorinated water or lose its coating as the surface will look pitted after you go swimming. If you do wear your jewelry while swimming, always clean and thoroughly dry it afterward to minimize the corrosion.

Wear Jewelry That Can Withstand Rigorous Activities

Be careful of soft metals that can become dented and scratched if you are performing certain activities such as weight lifting, or when engaged in sports where the jewelry may get hit such as softball, volleyball, tennis or soccer. You also want to make sure that there are no loose gem settings that could fall out when doing activities.

Go on your next adventure while still wearing your favorite jewelry. Use the above tips to keep them looking beautiful and to avoid damage.


We certainly cannot reverse the clock and go back to our carefree days of youth. However, we may try to retain our youthful look to some extent. As a matter of fact, our age is determined by how old we think about ourselves. Certain visible signs of aging can be managed by using skincare products that are available in the market. Some forms of fulvic acids are found to be helping in controlling wrinkles on our face.

Therefore, in this article we shall briefly talk about what is fulvic acid and how this little-known substance can help to protect our skin in our advanced age and provide some consolation to our mind.

Fulvic acid

This is a primary ingredient of most of the anti aging skin care products. It has the natural property to fight against any visible signs of aging and can improve the texture and look of the skin. It can easily get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Due to its lower molecular weight, it can help in transporting minerals to our skin cells and thus fights against wrinkles very efficiently and quickly.

Its lattice structure can capture large inorganic molecules like minerals and nutrients and breaks down molecules in the structure. Due to molecular decomposition, the nutrients transform into smaller form that are absorbed by our cells. This process works in any region or environmental condition.

Medical researchers and dermatologists have done lots of studies and found out few reasons of skin aging that are visible to others.

  • Reduces the number of fibroblasts and lower synthesis of extracellular proteins in the skin.
  • Exposure to sun and other environmental stress also makes the skin look older.
  • Our immune system tends to overwork during the process of rejuvenation. However, this increased intensity can also lead to aggravation of inflammation.

The researchers have found out that under laboratory conditions fulvic acid can prolong the life of fibroblasts and can preserve collagen. With various studies it has been found that ulvic acid has the ability to chelate and it can create positive impact on skin aging. This has the quality to moisturize the skin, which is good enough to treat even eczema condition.

Humic substance present in fulvic acid has plenty of antioxidants, which also help in reducing wrinkles and increases the firmness of the skin. It has been found out that there is significant reduction in wrinkles when fluvic acid is used for 21 days.

Besides aging, fine lines and wrinkles appear on the skin’s surface due to other reasons as well, which include UV damage or damage caused due to sun rays. This can cause discoloration or topographical changes.

Skin’s collagen is responsible for renewal and firmness and photo-degradation of collagen can result in losing firmness of skin thereby causing wrinkles. Fulvic acid boosts collagen production that helps in fighting visible aging signs.

There are organic fulvic acid available in these skincare products that oxidative stress prevents situations that can be caused due to chemical reactions.


With the availability of modern and awesome designs, men too prefer jewelry these days. It is true that a wedding band or a leather watch was all that most of the men wore, but today the scenario has changed completely.

These days, men have an ample of options too when it comes to unique jewelry pieces for them. One such mesmerizing trend that has captured the heart of almost all modern men is sterling silver rings specifically designed for men. Yeah, they have made their own unique place in the world of men’s jewelry. So, want to know what makes them so trendy and desirable? Well, look at the following sections and you will know the secret!


The versatility of the sterling silver rings transforms to an ample of customized and unique designs. You can easily get one without paying much. The following are some of the most unique ring styles available in market.

  • Sterling silver biker rings

Biker rings are available in a wide array of styles and designs. Some of the most popular designs include skull rings, cross rings, dragon rings, etc.

  • Sterling silver wedding bands

These bands can be one of your smartest investments to make in terms of jewelry. They come in similar styles as of platinum and gold rings at fraction of cost.

  • Sterling silver micro pave bands

Gone are the days when micro pave rings were just considered to be women’s jewelry. It has in fact made its way to men’s wardrobe too! They offer that amazing sparkle without being over-the-top. These are often used as silver wedding bands for men.

  • Sterling silver matte rings

Today, most of the men prefer matte rings due to their modern and masculine look. Plus, they are available in wide array of styles and designs as well catering the need of every customer.

Great affordability

One of the other logical reasons behind growing popularity of sterling silver rings for men is due to their affordability. You can find top quality sterling silver rings in a price that can best match your budget just at Connexion Republic online jewellery store. Plus, you would be amazed to know that you can get even designer rings made up from sterling silver at reasonable rates.

Sterling silver rings are affordable options than the similar designs made in palladium or platinum. It allows the customers to have quick access to similar quality as well as design without breaking bank!

Well, if you want a perfect gift for your father, husband, or son, you now have the best choices for it. If you really are looking for something unique, charming yet affordable, going for sterling silver jewellery can be your best bet.

Sterling silver jewellery as well as accessories make perfect gift for men. They have unique and high end look without digging a hole in your pocket. You will find the best sterling gift that can fit to different styles and personalities of men!


The Big Apple is known as the City that Never Sleeps, and there’s no wonder why. If you’re planning a trip to the East Coast, you may be wondering what to do in New York City. You might need to plan for some things like shows, but there are other activities that you can do as well. Here are some suggestions for your trip to New York.

Take in a Show

They say the lights are bright on Broadway, but you should see them for yourself! The theater district is the birthplace of American culture. With popular shows like Hamilton, Wicked, The Lion King, and The Phantom of the Opera, you’ll need to plan in advance if you want tickets. On or off Broadway, theater is what to do in New York!

Check out the Landmarks

Some of your favorite shows and movies have featured the landmarks of NYC:

  • Central Park
  • The Empire State Building
  • The Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island
  • Times Square
  • Grand Central Station
  • Rockefeller Center

Make sure you get to see some of these famous locations not just for their Hollywood connection, but also for their history!

Visit a Museum

In 2001, the character and face of the United States changed forever. Take in the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum and help make your peace with one of the largest tragedies in our nation’s history. Of course, New York has other famous museums, as well, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, American Museum of Natural History, and the Frick Collection. Museums are a great place to pass the time and learn more about the world, our country, art, and New York itself.

Have an Experience

You don’t want to just watch or see NYC, you want to experience it. At places like Ripley’s Believe It or Not, you’ll get to experience a whole new world. The world-famous Staten Island Ferry can provide you with a nice cruise while you soak up genuine New York atmosphere. A helicopter tour can bring those skyscrapers a little closer and put them on a more understandable scale. Of course, the natural beauty of the breath-taking Niagara Falls should be on everyone’s wish list of places to visit when they come to New York. With so many choices available, the question isn’t “what to do in New York City?” It’s what are you going to not do?!

Woman Shopping in Vitamin Section of Drug Store --- Image by © Hill Street Studios/Brand X/Corbis

What Are They?

Omega fatty acids are fats that should make up an important part of your diet. With a traditional Western diet, however, they are often overlooked, increasing a susceptibility to a variety of health problems. They come in different forms and have different benefits, one of the most important of which is maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Most omega fatty acids are “essential fats,” which means your body doesn’t produce them naturally. Instead, you have to incorporate them into your diet by taking sea berry or other supplements.

Types of Omega Fatty Acids

  • The main omega fatty acids you’ll come across are omega-3s. These have been studied more intensively and are widely available in supplement form. They’re also commonly missing from Western diets.
  • More recently, scientists have begun studying omega-7 fatty acids in more detail. They are still rarer than other types of fatty acids, but can be found in supplements like sea berry oil.
  • You’ll also commonly see omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids mentioned. However, omega-6s are already fairly common in Western diets, while omega-9s can be produced by the body.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Omega fatty acids have a wide variety of benefits for your cardiovascular system. Omega-3s in particular can be very effective at reducing inflammation and improving overall heart health. Omega-7s have been shown to reduce inflammation, cholesterol, and blood pressure. A healthier cardiovascular system makes it more likely that your body won’t succumb to serious disease and that you’ll enjoy better overall health.

Other Benefits

In addition to their heart benefits, omega fatty acids come with many other benefits that can help maintain good overall health. They are effective at clearing up many different types of skin problems, whether your skin is too oily or too dry. They also help the gastrointestinal system, easing digestive problems and preventing conditions like Candida. Finally, omega fatty acids have been linked to proper brain development and mental health.

Where to Find Them

You can find omega fatty acids in many of the foods you eat. Many types of fish, nuts, and seeds are good sources of omega-3s and other fatty acids. You can also find supplements at your local pharmacy if you aren’t getting enough fatty acids in your diet. This is especially true of the rarer omega-7s, which are present in some types of fish but are usually easiest to find in supplements like sea berry.


There are various forms of wrap bracelets that you can find in the market. However, you need to be careful while making a purchase decision. Its advisable to buy a piece of jewelry that you will be proud walking around with. This article provides a guide on how to buy the right piece of wrap jewelry. You don’t want to have any regrets after buying your piece of jewelry. Some of these products are very costly and you want a product that will not leave you with any form or regrets.

Quality of Material

The quality of material you will buy will determine the appearance and durability of your wrap jewelry. Some materials like gold are very shiny and highly durable even though they will cost you more. You could also decide to go for silver, platinum, or bronze jewelries. Go through the attributes of each material to make sure that you are comfortable with these characteristics. You don’t want to buy something that you will regret your decision after a few days. The material you choose fully depends on your personal preferences. You could be looking for some of the therapeutic attributes that come with some pieces of jewelry. Do Your homework well to avoid making the wrong decision.


There are thousands of designs out there when looking for wrap jewelry. The design will depend on where you will be wearing the wrap jewelry. For example, you could be looking for wrap bracelets that has an appealing design. Go through the stock at your outlet of choice and observe some of the styles that are being sold. Make sure you choose a design that is unique and pleasing to you. You can also request the artist to create a custom-made jewelry that will meet your unique needs. Just be keen to take a design that is the best so that you will be proud to wear it around.


The size of the wrap jewelry is an important factor to put into consideration. You don’t want a product that will hold so tightly or loosely. Just make sure that you get something that will fit you well. If you are buying your jewelry online, take your measurement and share the details when the dealer. The good thing with buying your jewelry in a physical store is that you can try out the handmade jewelry and make sure that it is fitting you well. The right size of jewelry will give you a lot of comfort and a perfect look when you walk along the streets.


Pricing is critical when looking for the right wrap jewelry. Cheap is not always the best but don’t allow any form of exploitation in the name of good quality. Do your homework well by shopping around several stores to get a vendor who will give you the best jewelry at the most affordable price. All you need is value for your money and nothing less than that.

During a wedding, all eyes naturally turn towards the bride. Therefore, it important to make sure that these eyes are turning to you for the right reasons. It can be very devastating for the guests to stare at you because you have done a bridal fashion faux. One of the things that can either break or make the ensemble of the bride is her jewelry. The wedding jewelry should help in perfecting the final touches of the bridal attire.  Here are some tips on how you can achieve this objective.

First, you must match the jewelry to your wedding dressing. It’s advisable to buy the bridal jewelry after getting the dress you will use. The fact that you adore a specific necklace does not imply that it will match with your wedding dress. The jewelry you choose has to compliment your overall appearance and not just complete for the purposes of drawing attention. You may be that type of a girl who likes big statement pieces of jewelry but subtle designs tend to work well for brides.

The second tip is to make sure that you match all the details. For instance, pearl accessories work well for brides whose dressing has pearl detailing. It is advisable to choose a theme and them make sure that all your collection works towards that. There is no need to go for competes and clashes that will draw unnecessary attention from your guests. Look for the best way to detail your veil, shoes, dress and jewelry using the right elements. Select a feature from your garment and carry it through your accessories to add some cohesion to your overall appearance.

Third, put into consideration your hairstyle among other features. It is critical to consider all your natural features and how you will put on your hair while choosing the jewelry. The most important aspects are your earrings and hair accessories. You may lose the big chandelier earing if you are going to wear your hair down. In addition, a dainty headband may become too understated if you will be having a large up do. Only go for a choker when you have the neck to carry it off. You need to be honest with your features and purpose to display them to their best by choosing your accessories well.

The fourth tip is to match your neckline to your necklace. Make sure you consider the neckline of your wedding dress as you choose the necklace. Pedant or ‘y’ shaped necklaces work well with a sweetheart neckline and roundnecklaces go well with rounded necklines. Be keen so that the length of your neckline does not fall too high or too low.

Finally, try the jewelry pieces with your dress early enough. This will give you a true picture of how your gown will fit with chosen piece or jewelry. You can try different pieces including vintage Jewelry to see which one will fit well. Don’t wait for the eve of the wedding before you try out your garments to avoid any form of disappointments. There is very little you can do to change your jewelry at the last minute.

doctor woman offering medical advices to a young couple in office

Common treatments cannot be given for all drug addicts and alcoholics, because of various physical and psychological factors. The prescribed treatments will also depend upon the severity of damage that is done to the body.

Reputable rehab centers have all the facilities and well-trained professionals to provide personalized rehabilitation treatments and aftercare, as per the specific requirements of their clients.

Patients are Treated as Inpatient/Outpatient

  • Inpatient patients – Generally treated in residential rehab place where a patient gains full time attention of the nursing team as well as of doctors employed in the rehab center. Another plus point of enrolling as inpatient is that you get ample chances to interact with other inmates following the treatment for similar health issues. It is even ideal way to recover if you don’t have any person to care for you at home and if your health condition has been greatly affected because of addiction to abused substances.
  • Outpatients – The only difference when compared to inpatients is that the patients receive treatment for few hours as they don’t need to get admitted to live in the rehab. This kind is suitable for patients continuing their routine life style while taking the treatment. The patients suffering from less health issues due to addiction are mainly categorized as outpatients.

There are even niche treatment centers catering for particular category of patients.

They are:

  • Rehabs for women – This provides a safe healing space for women. The centers even provide counseling sessions for physically abused women.
  • Teen drug rehab – Specially healing center for adolescents suffering from health issues due to drug addiction. The centers provide necessary counseling sessions and conduct seminars for teenagers to relive their life with full enthusiasm.
  • Dual diagnosis drug rehab – Health issues related to mental symptoms like depression, overstress and negative thinking are eradicated by taking special care as well as providing psychiatric counseling.
  • Holistic drug rehab centers – Holistic methods are used to improve the health of patients following therapy sessions to reduce the addiction towards alcohol or drug. The medium adapted are yoga, acupuncture, diet consciousness and meditation. Using such methods help in enhancing the mind and body of the patient as well as their spirit gets uplifted. This program helps to rise the inner strength of the addicted person.

All the well-known Colorado rehab facilities providing centers believe in adapting various strategies like detoxification through powerful medicines, provide learning platform to eradicate the health issues and take control of leading better life.

Group therapy, complementary therapies and workshops conducted by experienced psychiatrists and ex-patients of the rehab centers leading healthy life. The experiences shared by them will help in understanding the body changes they are feeling while undergoing treatment. Let the patients know the obstacles they will face outside the rehab and proper ways utilized to overcome the issues.

The patients emotional distress is eliminated. Enhancing the brain capturing power, increase in body strength and boosting self-esteem are few features every rehab centers focus on.


There is nothing more joyful for women than having designer bags. Handbags not only enhance their style statement, but also complement the outfits. Among others, vintage bags are quite special. Hence, one needs to be more cautious while purchasing vintage bags. Following section will brief you some points that you should keep in mind while buying vintage bags.

How to Buy a Vintage Bag?

Do Some Homework

It is important that before buying a handbag, you spend some time researching. Doing some research will help you understand various designs and styles available in the market. Additionally, it will give you an idea about the market price of a vintage bag. If you go without prior knowledge, there are chances of getting be-fooled on account of lack of knowledge.

However, if you know about the latest designs, styles and price of vintage bags, you will surely be able to make a better deal. It is advisable to check the history of vintage bags, which you’re thinking to buy. Each vintage bag has a different history and an idea about the same can make your purchase better than otherwise.

Search for A Trustworthy Seller

Though market is flooded with handbag sellers, however, finding a trustworthy seller can be difficult. It is important that the seller you’re choosing for your vintage bag deals in genuine products. To start with, visit the seller’s website and check the product it deals into. After that, you can reach seller’s social media webpage to read customer feedback and reviews.

Reviews are a great source of information since feedback and reviews are posted by previous customers. They can tell you about authenticity of the seller and the product he/she deals into. You can buy good-quality handbags at Fmasarovic, one of the top online handbag stores.

Finalize Your Budget

Budget is the main thing which most of us think of while purchasing new products. It is advisable to determine your budget well-in-advance. This will help to limit the selection and you’ll easily be able to choose the bag. It is important that the bag you’re buying doesn’t cost too much on your pocket. Hence, check online as to which designs are available in your budget range and then choose a suitable bag.

Go as Per Your Need

It is important that your requirement is crystal clear to you before visiting the market. You should be clear about the design, style and size of the vintage bag that you want to purchase. If you don’t have any idea as to which type of bag you want to buy, there are chances of getting confused in the market.

Hence, to ensure that no such situation occurs with you, have a clarity about your requirement. You can take advice from your friends or family friends about this. Moreover, you can take referrals from them about sellers, in case they have also bought vintage bags in past.

To conclude, buying a vintage bag is an easy task. All you need is some time to research and understand your requirement.

Christmas is an exciting time and ornaments make the Holiday even more special! When you choose to decorate your tree with crystal ornaments it will shine and stand out. You can even look into purchasing a crystal ornament for the people on your list who are impossible to buy for and personalize it to make their gift meaningful.

The Ultimate Crystal Gift

It can be difficult or nearly impossible to find the perfect crystal gift for your friend or loved one who seems to have it all. Fortunately, you can purchase a crystal ornament – the gift they didn’t know they wanted. Not only are the crystal ornaments beautiful and will light up their own Christmas tree, they also come in a unique box and are designed by Verena Castelein. There are countless ornaments to choose from for any and all occasions. If your loved one does not celebrate Christmas, you can opt to get them an ornament for an alternativeholiday such as Halloween or even a snowflake to symbolize winter. The visually captivating ornaments will guarantee to put a smile on their face.

With the option to personalize your Christmas ornament or alternative crystal gifts, it makes it easier to give a meaningful gift. For countless ideas and ways to customize a certain piece, you can sift through a catalog. Whether you choose to go with custom engravings or custom monograms, the receiver of your ornament is bound to love their personalized crystal gift. To ensure you will be satisfied with your engraving prior to making the final purchase, you can confirm a pdf file with what your engraving will look like!

World Class Crystals

What sets Chrystal Classics apart from other crystal companies is their countless options and world class brands, their options to personalize any item, their long standing history online and their exposure. In fact, they have been a part of the e-commerce world longer than google. Additionally, they have sent their beautiful ornaments and other crystal objects to Presidents and celebrities to enjoy in their own homes. When it comes to style and beauty, they are a step ahead of the competition.

What Sets Crystal Apart

Crystal and glass products are 100% recyclable and extremely sustainable. They can be saved and recycled if broken. Not only they are sustainable, but they are captivatingly beautiful. Crystal ornaments more specifically can add the perfect element to your home or tree during the holidays.

If you are looking for the perfect piece to set your home apart this holiday season, consider adding a crystal ornament to your tree or crystal piece to you home for an extra sparkle. A Christmas ornament also makes a perfect and caring crystal gift.