Amazing Tips On How To Choose Earrings That Match Your Hairstyle

W understand this and know earrings are worn in many types of occasions. That is why we have earrings in various colors, sizes and shapes to match any hairstyle you have. As a fashion accessory earrings can make your outfit stand out to give you a awesome look. Below are tips which can help you to choose earrings which match with your hairstyle.

Short Hairstyle

Any type of short hair style will leave your ear lobes exposed. This means people will easily see your earrings. Due to this, the earrings you choose must look pretty and they should accentuate your face as well as hairstyle. It is therefore advisable for you go for either big or small earrings. To look even better, try and get earrings that conform with the occasion or situation. For example a stud would be great for doing regular chores while long earrings will pass for an occasion.

Long Hairstyles

Never try wearing clichéd diamond studs with long hair. Instead try big studs or statement earrings. Statement earrings are attractive and eye-catching. They also give reflection of one’s personality. At “JustFab” we have unique, simple or complex statement earrings that will go well with whichever type of long hair you have. They are unique, bold and brightly colored. Note that most statement earrings come with matching neckpieces. However, it would be a fashion flop to wear a neckpiece with long hair.

Ponytail or Braided Hairstyles

All women love ponytail or braided hairstyles and this makes it a common hairstyle. However, braids tend to make people look bare especially if they are not well accessorized. Long earrings effectively match with ponytails or braided hairstyles. Long earrings tend to overpower these hairstyles and make people focus more on your face. Long earrings also make your face interesting, bright and attractive thereby more noticeable.

Long dangling pieces also go well with smooth and shiny braids or ponytails. This way you will look great all round. As such you have freedom to select creole, chandelier or hoop earrings.


Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length hairstyles are super trendy and gorgeous. They are great for those people who do not love either long or short hair as they fall in between. When it comes to the choice of earrings, if you wear extremely long earrings, they can spoil your look for the day. It is therefore advisable for you to wear studs, hoops or danglers. Just ensure the danglers or hoops are not too long.


Earrings are must have fashion accessory for every fashion conscious woman. They are an affordable way which can complement your hairstyle as well as clothing. Hairstyle matters a lot because you cannot change it daily as you do with your clothes. As such choose a piece of earring that goes well with your hairstyle. Earrings, if well-chosen can give you an element of charm and bold explanation to your personality.

Visit “JustFab” online and browse through our selection of earrings. Whether you want studs, danglers, hoops, chandeliers, creoles or statement pieces, we have them all plus many more. Just make sure you keep your hairstyle and face in mind when you do shopping. Our earrings also come in different colors that can match your clothes, shoes, handbag, and other jewelry.