Careful with Cutting Cycle Dosage for Lean Muscles


Clenbuterol is a bronchodilator product used for a dramatic loss of weight. Commonly called Clen in physique forums, this muscle extraction product enhances calorie burning without affecting muscle mass. After its powers were discovered, the product has been used by many professionals in their stacking cycles as an antidote to muscle-building anabolic products. A stack should deliver best personalized results in balance. If you include a cycle for growth, you would also need one simultaneously for cutting on calories. Clen fits well in this requisite, but you should be careful about the dosage.

Being Careful

An excess can deliver serious side effects, including fatalities by cardiac arrest. It pays to be careful, unless you want to pay with your health and life. The best clenbuterol dosage for weight loss can be decided only by adequate research and common sense. Obviously, you should be searching up user reviews on bodybuilding forums. However, remember to apply your wisdom to differentiate the fact from the hype.

Many users are so elated with dramatic results that they may exaggerate their experience. Many others may not derive so much benefit from the product, yet they may not accept it for fear of losing face. Use your wisdom to understand the truth.

Pay Attention

Pay attention to the response of your personal body clock. If you are already in cycle, keep a close eye on possible unrest and physical problems. The most conspicuous effect may be chest pain, medically known as paradoxical bronchospasm. You may also suffer from nausea and high blood pressure. Keep a close notice on how your breathing is and whether there are any cardiovascular issues. If these symptoms are showing, it clearly means that you are crossing the line with this bodybuilding muscle extraction product. Many bodybuilders make the mistake of using it too frequently. Follow the instructions below to know the ideal healthy time between successive dosages.

Max you can take

This product delivers a thermogenic effect and implores the user to increase the dosage over time. If your body adjusts well with the rapid loss of weight, you should increase it cumulatively until you reach the red line of abuse. The best idea is to grow dosage slowly, and have a clear idea about the max limit. One single dosage lasts its effect for 5/6 weeks. Many users feel that the effect fades only after a few days and take the next dose. Avoid this and use it once in a gap of every three weeks in the least.

For males, the daily maximum must never exceed 140 mcg. Women should limit its usage up to 120 mcg. Always remember that these numbers are for an ideal healthy person. Depend on your doctor’s suggestions based upon your unique medical history to use clen accordingly. Each cycle should not be more than three weeks. Follow slow progress patterns and limit its usage within 21 days. As a rule of thumb, a person should never exceed clen usage over 16 weeks in a year. Use this information as cutoff parameters to decide your personalized best clenbuterol dosage for weight loss.