How to Make a Long Distance Anniversary Exciting?

No matter how difficult it was, but you guys stayed together even when things were bad. Now, the day is coming when you first met or started dating. So what if he or she lives miles away from you! You can still make your anniversary day as special as any other couple.

The most important part of a relationship is the trust and the love between the two. And you are reading this article is the proof that you have succeeded in both the departments. So, there is no need to mourn about the geographical distance between you two, your souls are still together.

The anniversary day should all be about fun and romance. With real creativity, you can make it memorable and incredibly romantic. There are many gift service providers who help with these kinds of situation, like if your partner lives in Pakistan, you can easily send cake to Pakistan and make him or her happy. There are no boundaries, for love.

Here are a few tips to spend your long distance anniversary day like your partner is there with you.

  1. Organize everything to spend time with each other

When people live miles apart, there might be some complications to spare time in between all the work and job. So, you need to organize your work on the day and coordinate everything with your partner so you get free time to have a video chat with each other. Have a lunch or romantic dinner via video calling or call your common friends to have a party. One thing to remember here is that even if your partner is not able to provide the time you want, stay reasonable don’t feel bad about it.

  1. Your best friend can be your saviour today

If you find out that your partner is not available on the day of the anniversary, just chill with your best friend. It is all about happiness and celebrating the day. Go places, have dinner, click selfies and share it with your partner. This is how it should be done.

  1. Surprise your partner

When it comes to the anniversary, surprise gifts never fail. You can’t reach your partner on this important day, but your gift can. It doesn’t have to be very expensive, the surprise element will do the part. You can send a pendant or a bracelet that holds some memory of your relationship together. Or, write a letter to him or her. In the environment of text and chats, a letter will be more authentic and really precious for your partner. You can also use the online facility of sending cake to Pakistan if your partner lives there.

  1. Have a coffee date

Sometimes, the work doesn’t allow people to spend proper time with each other. In those scenarios, you can skip for a little while from your work and have a coffee date with your partner over skype.

Your relationship is pretty different from the traditional ones. Hence, it is clear that you need to use all the non-traditional ways to make it exciting right!