How a Live Band Can Enhance Your Wedding

One thing you need to put into consideration during your wedding planning process is the kind of entertainment to provide your guests. You have to realize thatyour wedding is a once in a lifetime event – a standout day that you will remember for the rest of your life. And when you look back on that day, it should bring you joy and happiness.Your wedding day is a celebration of the love between you and your partner, which is an entire event organized for the pair of you.

When planning for your wedding, in order for your vision for the day to become a reality, note that your personal input is essential. A better way to make that happens is by choosing your own music for the special day.You have a lot to choose from, ranging from the group style and band size, to song choices and set types, the music on the day is all about what you want, so don’t forget that. Whether your vision is for romantic, sophisticated or all-out party, just remember that a great live group can ignite the atmosphere you want.

When it comes to your wedding reception, it’s really a no-brainer. If you want to know what starts a party at a wedding, ask no further, it is simply the six or more musicians that are already having a party on stage – the band. Real people whom you can make eye contact with when you’re singing along to every word of the song. A live band make eye contact with each other so they can communicate where the music should be going, and usually have equally ridiculous dance moves as you or your friends, so even if you have guests who are not fans of dancing, at least they will be entertained.

If you think you’re better off with a DJ because bands are limited in what they can do, you’re just looking at the wrong bands. Live bands can greatly enhance your wedding because a live band of a high caliber has the flexibility to perform nearly every genre you want to hear. For MIXTAPE, that means everything from indie rock, classic rock, Motown, new wave, punk, folk, grunge, pop, soul, and even hip-hop – just name it. You can leverage on the musical ability of a live band to make your wedding standout, this is arguably the most important factor when booking a band, and is also probably the only factor that will be recognized by your guests. Many good bands will have backgrounds in top music schools or performing with ‘big name’ artists.

In most cases, the ideal band will have played at many weddings before and will have come across most situations. The band will then be able to adapt to a last minute schedule change you might have, and they will know when and how to change the set list to cater for the audience at your wedding. The energy that live music brings to any celebration is infectious. It comes with a buzz, a special spark, which can transform any atmosphere into something special and memorable.