Tiny fashion accessories that make the difference

After men finish hunting for their pressing fashion needs, fashion accessories still remain the missing piece of the puzzle. That is right, tiny fashion add-ons like cufflinks and buttons can make a huge impact on the overall appearance of any man!


In this guide, let us take a look at few of such ornaments for men which redefine one’s look!


Cufflinks can be traditionally traced back to the time when men only used to wear those tuxedo outfits. Cufflinkscan make you look stylish even in a regular lookingshirt! Starting from business clothes to occasional outfits, cufflinks play an important part for all.

Some may think cufflinks are for nothing but tying up the full-sleeve cuffs. Well, that is a matter of debate! But if apart from doing its job, they also proves to be an elegant trinket, then why not?

Next, comes the question about what cufflink can be actually worth buying! This is not too hard these days as splendid catalogues are available to ease up choosing! That said, let’s take a quick look at the different types of materials used to produce cufflinks.

Gold Cufflinks: It is not an uncommon fact that gold is the king of all metals! It has superior value and is expensive too. Having a gold studded cufflink can make your cuffs shine like never before. Gold produces a pleasure for the eyes with its soft and shiny look which is just one of its many upsides.

These are best suited for formal events like a business seminar or meetings just to name a few!

Diamond Cufflinks: It is surely safe to say that having a diamond on your cuffs can make you stand higher in the crowd. There are obvious reasons why diamond cufflinks are gaining popularity lately! For men, almost any kind of event seems suitable with these. Whereas for women, a pair of modest diamond cufflinks can be better than virtually any gift for their beloved men!


As many of you might have already guessed, buttons come next in ornament lineups for men after cufflinks. Unlike the cufflinks, buttons, however, lay out a broader impression towards the person wearing it!

A majority of men like their buttons simple, while colours matching the shirt. That obviously is not a bad idea, and you can go for the same anytime you desire. But if not now, when could be the better time for you to get a little fancier? Speaking of fancy, jewellery materials like diamonds and golds come into play!

Diamond Buttons: The white beauty shows its magic at all times! Having diamond buttons is mostly recommended when ethnic wears cover you. It has recently become a fashion statement for modern men trying out new things.

Gold Buttons: It is highly recommended to leave aside gold buttons for formal wears. What you can rather try are gold buttons for kurtas. It all starts with you, experiment and find out which suits you the best.