Set a Trend With Designer Streetwear

No matter where in the country you live, you will find people whose wardrobes contain almost nothing but streetwear. Men’s streetwear fashion has wide appeal because of its comfort, casual look and longevity as a trend. Of the many men’s streetwear brands available, fans of the trend turn time and again to a favorite designer who consistently produces the style of clothing they love.

A Little History

As is the case with many grassroots movements, the evolution of streetwear is difficult to trace with absolute certainty. However, it is widely thought to have started in Los Angeles, a spinoff from the 1970s and ‘80s surfing scene. Surfers developed a culture all their own, starting with a laid-back lifestyle that necessitated comfortable clothing. Designers of the time, including famous makers like Hobi and Ocean Pacific, were quick on the uptake. Popular garments available in men’s streetwear brands included jeans, t-shirts and sneakers, items that are still highly popular today. When you get into creative design and high-end fabrics, you are beginning to move into fashion that is more upscale while still embracing the traditional streetwear values.

Choose Sleek, Modern Style

You may be a big fan of casual clothing and your closet may contain various examples of men’s streetwear fashion. You do, however, want to make a statement and you can do that easily by choosing clothing with elements of high-functioning luxury that suit your active lifestyle, your individuality, even your outlook on the world in general and the belief structure you embrace. You can follow your fashion instincts with designs like a bias-striped track shirt; a long-sleeved, custom stretch poplin button down shirt or a snap-back cap of supple vegan leather. Styles are made to sleekly fit each individual body, so look for a sizing chart that has, in addition to the usual chest and waist sizes, categories such as body length, neck width and shoulder width.

Embracing Modern Culture

You cannot help but notice the informal trends in clothing on college campuses and in many office environments. The high-tech industry has become the standard for casual wearing apparel that began during casual Fridays and is now firmly embedded in every other day of the week. Acceptable office attire for everyone from IT staff to Web masters to engineers includes jeans, t-shirts and sweatshirts. You may see suits on Wall Street and at Midwest attorney firms, but there may come a time when the coat and tie may be cast aside in favor of streetwear. Modern culture seems to be trending in that direction.

A Global Mission

Men’s streetwear brands are not cubby holed by age, gender or borders because the designs offered have become popular as part of a universal movement. While the trend toward functioning luxury in streetwise clothing design continues to evolve, the styles are timeless. Followers of the movement provide input that helps in the design of styles that constitute familiar yet original garments that are constructed of high-quality materials. When it comes to men’s streetwear fashion, the idea is to become a fashion influencer and put yourself squarely in the middle of this aspect of modern culture.