Select a Suitable Kind Of Men’s Underwear to Reveal Your Personal Style


Right choice of underwear forms the foundation for your outfit. Many of them hardly think about the available choices in mens underwear.

Functions fulfilled by the right underwear

  • Clothes are kept clean because it absorbs bodily fluids and sweat.
  • It supports your genitals.
  • The right kind of fabric helps to regulate the body temperature.
  • It decreases friction between the trousers and manly parts.

Different underwear styles

Underwear style selection is basically personal preference affair. Men’s underwear falls under two categories –

  1. Underpants worn below the waist
  2. Undershirts worn above the waist

In this informative article, let’s focus on the Underpants, which are worn on the lower body half.

Classic briefs

The most admired style is briefs and is called whitey tighties. Today, briefs don’t need to be white and tight, but are available in dark solid colors and fit snuggly to provide support.

Definition –

  • An elastic waistband
  • Y-shaped front fly
  • 5” fabric, which covers upper thighs, waist and entire butt area


  • Supports genitals better, so suitable for physical activities
  • Stay in place without any need for adjustment
  • Suitable under formal dress because they get concealed and hardly ride up
  • Thin men with small frames look best in briefs worn under slim jeans

Athletic inspired boxers

Athletic inspired boxers are not suitable to be worn under tight or formal clothing because they are loose and can bunch up.


  • No elasticized leg openings, so hang loosely
  • It extends down the thigh to varying degrees
  • Has a front flyer
  • Elastic on the waistband


  • Loose style, which offers comfort and breathability with little support
  • Boxers are best for men, who don’t like to reveal underwear
  • Wide choice of fabrics, prints and colors are available
  • Look best on men with large frame wearing loose clothing and full cut

Hybrid boxer briefs

Boxer brief is an amalgamation of brief and boxer, which can be worn under anything except summer shorts.


  • Skin hugging fit like briefs but extend down like boxers
  • More skin gets covered, so extra shy men feel less embarrassed in changing room
  • Can be worn during physical activities as well as under tight pants
  • Boxer brief includes stretch element, which helps to maintain the shape and close fitting aspect
  • Big guys with large thigh and legs look good in boxer briefs

Bikini briefs

In bikini briefs the thigh is totally exposed and worn beneath the belly button. A male with well-built physique use bikini briefs to show their defined body, for example bodybuilders.


Thongs are necessary for men, who wear very tight and thin pants, for example dancers and actors. Minimum coverage but maximum support is offered by thongs. Genitals get secured in a small pouch, which is leveraged by a material strip between the buttocks and a string secured around the waist.

Men also need to consider the fabric and size depending on their comfort level. Make sure to keep underwear simple because it can look tacky displaying lack of maturity. Choose underwear that reflects your personal style!