How to Prepare for the Renaissance Festival


Renaissance festivals provide an exciting adventure for people of all ages. You can explore a different time and see great shows, shop artisan products and eat delicious food. If you have never been, then you might be curious about what to expect — and how to prepare for your event. Although you can just show up and have a great time, there are some things, such as Renaissance festival costumes, that do take some planning.

Decide Whether to Dress Up

One of the first decisions you need to make is whether or not you plan to dress up. You can find Renaissance festival costumes for sale or rent from numerous places. You can head to the nearest costume shop in your city, or you can look around online to find something. There are many different styles of costumes from which to choose as well. Do you want to be royalty, nobility, peasants, fairies, pirates and any other type of people who lived during the Renaissance time? Many people also enjoy mixing it up and heading as a fantasy adventurer or time traveler. Don’t forget to also plan on what type of shoes to wear. You will most likely be walking around a lot, so you want to wear something comfortable, even if it does not quite match your costume

Of course, you do not have to dress up to enjoy the Renaissance Faire. Therefore, you have to decide whether or not you wish to wear a costume, especially as they can be hot and expensive, depending on what you go as. This is a choice that you have to make yourself.

Check the Theme of the Weekend

It is common for the Renaissance festival to have different themes for each weekend. This might impact what type of Renaissance fair costumes you decide to rent, if you decide to dress up. It also might impact what shows and events are on the schedule. Therefore, you also want to check the schedule to see if there is a certain show that you must see and make your visit that weekend. Certain shows, like the jousting, will take place every weekend. However, certain bands, theater troupes and other artists might only be there for one show.

Don’t Forget to Bring These Items

 When you head out to the festival, you want to have more than your Renaissance festival costumes with you. There are some standard items that you will need. First of all, it is beneficial to carry cash with you. Although many of the vendors take credit cards, there might be instances where a vendor only accepts cash. Additionally, you will want to have things like sunscreen or a jacket, depending on the weather. You might also need an umbrella or some bug spray.

These are just a few hints of what to do to prepare for your trip to the Renaissance festival. Be sure to spend time looking at the different vendors to see what type of interesting and beautiful items are for sale. Whether you choose to rent or buy one of the Renaissance festival costumes is your decision; it is possible to have a wonderful time no matter what you wear.