What Is Sea Buckthorn?

If you are interested in natural healing and medicine, you may have heard talk about sea buckthorn. This herb is being used quite a bit these days to treat a wide variety of conditions. Before you add it to your medical care routine, it can help to get to know more about it. This includes learning how it is used,


Seabuckthorn is an herb with leaves, berries and flowers. Each part of the herb is used to make medicine. Each part is used in a different way and offers different properties to a range of illnesses, diseases and conditions. It is important to understand what part of the sea buckthorn is used for the ailment you want to treat so you can reap the benefits of this herb.

The herb can be ingested or used topically. It also has non-medicine uses. The berries are often used like other berries-in jams and jellies. They can be quite enjoyable to eat.


As you study the different parts of the seabuckthorn, you need to look carefully at what each part is used for. The leaves and flowers are often used for skin rashes, arthritis, gout and gastrointestinal ulcers. The leaves may be brewed into a tea to help boost health, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, along with providing essential vitamins, including vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C.

The berries are used for their anti-aging properties. They also can help improve vision and prevent infections. The berries may also be used topically as a natural sunscreen and to heal wounds. It is good for acne and other skin conditions, too.

The seed can be used to make an oil. It is great as an expectorant. It can also be used to treat heart problems, high cholesterol and asthma. Oil is also used to help slow the progression of dementia and improve health and the immune system. Oil may be used in cosmetics, too.


While herbs are not completed vetted by the FDA yet, there have been studies on sea buckthorn. Research has shown it can be effective for helping skin conditions when applied topically. Taking it orally does not seem to have an effect. More research is needed on the other effects of this herb,but it is showing promise for the treatment of burns, heart disease, colds and digestive issues, along with dry eyes, liver disease, ulcers and weight loss.

If you want to try this herb, then you are now armed with some knowledge about what it can be used for. Just remember that even though it is natural, it may still interact with medications you take, so always check with your doctor before using.