Why Are Omega Fatty Acids Important for Cardiovascular Health?

What Are They?

Omega fatty acids are fats that should make up an important part of your diet. With a traditional Western diet, however, they are often overlooked, increasing a susceptibility to a variety of health problems. They come in different forms and have different benefits, one of the most important of which is maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Most omega fatty acids are “essential fats,” which means your body doesn’t produce them naturally. Instead, you have to incorporate them into your diet by taking sea berry or other supplements.

Types of Omega Fatty Acids

  • The main omega fatty acids you’ll come across are omega-3s. These have been studied more intensively and are widely available in supplement form. They’re also commonly missing from Western diets.
  • More recently, scientists have begun studying omega-7 fatty acids in more detail. They are still rarer than other types of fatty acids, but can be found in supplements like sea berry oil.
  • You’ll also commonly see omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids mentioned. However, omega-6s are already fairly common in Western diets, while omega-9s can be produced by the body.

Cardiovascular Benefits

Omega fatty acids have a wide variety of benefits for your cardiovascular system. Omega-3s in particular can be very effective at reducing inflammation and improving overall heart health. Omega-7s have been shown to reduce inflammation, cholesterol, and blood pressure. A healthier cardiovascular system makes it more likely that your body won’t succumb to serious disease and that you’ll enjoy better overall health.

Other Benefits

In addition to their heart benefits, omega fatty acids come with many other benefits that can help maintain good overall health. They are effective at clearing up many different types of skin problems, whether your skin is too oily or too dry. They also help the gastrointestinal system, easing digestive problems and preventing conditions like Candida. Finally, omega fatty acids have been linked to proper brain development and mental health.

Where to Find Them

You can find omega fatty acids in many of the foods you eat. Many types of fish, nuts, and seeds are good sources of omega-3s and other fatty acids. You can also find supplements at your local pharmacy if you aren’t getting enough fatty acids in your diet. This is especially true of the rarer omega-7s, which are present in some types of fish but are usually easiest to find in supplements like sea berry.