Jewelry for Every Adventure You Go On In Life

Are you an active person that just loves going on adventures either alone, with a spouse, or with the entire family? Such activities are a joy to take part in, as not only do you get outside and get some exercise, it can improve your personal relationships while allowing you to enjoy new sights and destinations.

When it comes to outdoorsy people, you may love nature but don’t want to leave your jewelry behind. You may have gotten a ring that was a family heirloom or a necklace that has special meaning to you. Or, you might just love wearing jewelry and you feel uncomfortable not having something on. If you have the urge to wear something while you are doing outdoor activities, you can go ahead and wear it so long as you keep these simple tips in mind.

Pick Jewelry that Works Best for the Activity

You want to avoid jewelry that will snag on clothing or on outdoor items. For example, a long necklace, loose bracelet or large hoop earrings can get snagged on bushes, rocks or your clothing if you are mountain climbing or hiking over rough terrain. So you want jewelry that sits close to the body but won’t pinch your skin when you move about or perform the activities.

Be Careful of Jewelry and Swimming

Some jewelry can become damaged in chlorinated water or lose its coating as the surface will look pitted after you go swimming. If you do wear your jewelry while swimming, always clean and thoroughly dry it afterward to minimize the corrosion.

Wear Jewelry That Can Withstand Rigorous Activities

Be careful of soft metals that can become dented and scratched if you are performing certain activities such as weight lifting, or when engaged in sports where the jewelry may get hit such as softball, volleyball, tennis or soccer. You also want to make sure that there are no loose gem settings that could fall out when doing activities.

Go on your next adventure while still wearing your favorite jewelry. Use the above tips to keep them looking beautiful and to avoid damage.