A Points to Consider While Purchasing A Pair of Orthotic Shoes and Sandals

Orthotics footwear is proving to be the best remedy to get rid of the problems of pain in legs or feet. The specially designed shoes and sandals provide comfort and support you prefer while walking or running. They can be worn as daily footwear or occasionally.

Know more about such kind of specialized footwear:

Unlike this type of shoes are little different from your casual wear as they provide a great comfort and support to your feet. They even help in increasing the flow of blood in feet, thus any pain in feet wades off. Thus, it becomes the perfect footwear for people suffering from leg pain and experience discomfort while walking.

As there are ample range of orthotic footwear in shops, to judge the best one to use is a little confusing task. Moreover, if you are unaware about how to choose the right footwear that suits your needs there are chances it will not be beneficial for you.

Here are few hints to choose the suitable pair of orthotics for you to wear comfortably:

  • Like while buying normal footwear, you observe whether it fits your feet and you aren’t finding difficulty in walking. Similarly, you need to make sure that the special insert shoes or sandals fit your feet, even the straps shouldn’t be over tight or loose, otherwise there are chances of forming blisters.
  • Verify the high-quality materials used to make the insoles. As the use of material to make solely depends upon the preference of the wearer to buy orthotic shoes. Cork material is used to balance the foot from being sprained, usually runners and elderly people need such support. Leather is used to provide comfort and support to the soles and rest of the wearer’s feet.

Foam is most popularly used for designing insoles as it gives required cushioning to feet by observing the friction and shock while walking briskly or while running. Even orthotic sandals and shoes made of polyurethane or nylon webbing is durable and enhance the comfort needed by its wearer.

  • The foot bed plays a great role in preventing slipping while moving and reducing the sweating. Thus, they should be designed with absorbent fabrics or rubber having evenly spread out pores. The most used materials to make foot bed of orthotic wears are memory foam, ethylene- vinyl acetate and durable quality rubber.
  • Make sure the arch support is well designed to match the shape of your feet. Thus, you can get rid of back pain or cramps in legs. Even after walking or running for hours you won’t feel leg pain or fatigue. Spongy midsole attached to the arches of insoles. This provides full comfort.
  • Flexibility of the foot sole is quite necessary to experience great comfort level. Rigidness of the sole won’t provide cushioning to feet.


  • The design of the footwear should be comfortable and supportive while wearing the shoes or sandals.

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