Don’t Know How To Have Better Orgasms – Simply Follow These Basic Tips

There are basic orgasms, and then there are floating-on-cloud-9 types of orgasms. The later might seem extremely elusive and difficult to achieve for most, but the truth is it just needs a little bit of efforts on your part.

Here we have listed some of the basic ways in which you can not only have amazing orgasms, but boost your overall sex life and experience. So, don’t stop reading, if you want to know how to have better orgasms or say crazy-good orgasms.

Create oxytocin naturally:

Oxytocin, the love hormone, makes a lot of difference on the type of sex and climax you will have. Now, not all of us have access to oxytocin nasal sprays, and thus it is important to know how you can create it naturally.

Well, all you have to do is hug, cuddle or make such gestures which show exactly what’s going on in your mind. In simple words, give importance to foreplay and prepare yourself as much as you can before you start the real thing.

You will be amazed to see, how choosing the right foreplay method can make a huge difference. Think of it like this – everyone needs some warming up before running a race. So, yes, getting in the right mood and releasing some oxytocin in the process is extremely important to have an amazing climax.

Delay your orgasm a little

For sure you must have heard – everything good for those who wait. Well, in this case we can rephrase it to – everything mind blowing for those who wait. Yes, this is completely true. When you are just about to hit your climax, take a pause. This definitely sounds difficult, but try it once. Repeat doing this until you can’t hold it anymore. You will find that the eventual orgasm was simply worth the wait.

Try out different sex positions

One big reason why women have trouble in climaxing is lack of appropriate position. Some simply need C-spot stimulation rather than G-spot. Now, if the position doesn’t give the required attention to your C-spot or say doesn’t stimulate it at all, there are chances you won’t have a satisfying orgasm. So, try different sex position and figure out which one worked the best for you.

Use some sex toys

Sometimes all you need for an amazing and satisfying climax is some external help. Yes, there are many battery operated sex toys which can do the trick for you. Try being open about it with your partner, and shop a sex toy together. You will be amazed to see how it can excite your partner and ultimately give you both a more satisfying experience.

Take care of your overall health

Staying fit and in good shape can boost your confidence to a greater extent. Try exercising regularly, not with an intention of losing weight, but simply to stay fit and more active. Experts even recommend that having a strong pelvic floor muscle is the key to having stronger orgasms. Now, these are the exercises which you can do anywhere anytime. Also, pay attention on your diet. There are many foods like oatmeal, peaches, etc. which can boost your libido.

Lastly, try doing something more fun and exciting every time. After all, sex doesn’t have to be a routine activity, but something to make you feel more confident and bold about yourself.