Brazilian Blowout – The Secret For your Unmanageable Hair

Unmanageable and unruly hair is one of the common hair problems. Everyone has their share of bad hair days and unnatural hair fall, at certain time of their life. If you are continuously experiencing bad hair you must consider taking Brazilian blowouts.

Brazilian blowouts are new age cosmetic treatment that diminishes the fizziness of the hair and smoothens out the rough texture of it. Over a period of time, after few sessions you will experience silky and soft tresses. People might think it as a normal blowout and try it at home. However, it is strictly recommended not to do at home and opt for a professional salon’s help instead.

Understanding Brazilian blowout

Brazilian blowout is a hair smoothening treatment that uses keratin as the main ingredient. Therefore, you have smooth hair and the goodness of keratin in your hair roots. Needless to say, there are home keratin blowouts available as but the salon uses professional products that use keratin of certain concentration. The hair stylist will use a concentration as per your hair requirement.

Why to opt for this treatment?

Brazilian blowout is usually done in hot and humid areas where the weather rips off the hair of natural moisture. Mostly curly and wavy hair is affected. Since, Australia experiences humidity for most part of the year, this treatment has become quite popular.

There are certain salons in Sydney that offers this treatment but go for only a professional Brazilian blowout. Check out this hair salon in Sydney and then book an appointment to get this treatment.

Unlike other smoothening treatments this blowout does not entirely deal in harmful ammonia. Instead, keratin works just like ammonia smoothening and softens the rough edges making your hair root stronger at the same time.

Since keratin is a naturally occurring compound your hair will look naturally good and also you will feel your hair to be neutral. After this treatment it is absolutely safe to use any heating and styling tools on your hair. It is suggested that you must use a heat protection serum before using them.

How does this treatment work on hair?

This treatment acts a layer giving a protective coating against harsh climatic conditions and also during wear and tear of daily life. This coating seals the rough cuticles along the hair and also partially smoothens out the spilt ends. This coating if maintained properly can give a glossy and shiny look to your hair.

The hair stylist after shampooing your hair will heat your hair with flat hair iron. This is done to activate dead cells of the hair so that it can absorb the keratin at its maximum. Then the layer of keratin is applied as per your hair dryness and again the heating is done to seal the coating successfully. After about three hours you will feel happy to see the way your hair has turned out making you look like a diva.

After care

Once you have opted for this treatment you need to maintain it. Avoid using products which contain sodium lauryl sulphates as this might reduce the effect and strip off the coating by chemically reacting with it.