Why Fashion Designers Need Tech Packs And What Is Included In Them?

Technical specification packs or tech packs are similar to blueprints of every garment a designer design or make. It is a working document, which includes all clothing detail as manufacturers need to calculate the production costs, length time for designing each garment and minimum order quantities [MOQ].

From tech packs manufacturer calculates –

  • Clothing style you will produce and get an idea of the complexity involved, so as to calculate production timeframe and final cost.
  • Seam to seam measurements can be used to calculate fabric amount needed to design the clothing.
  • Other costs like zippers, buttons, and sequins can be calculated as well as MOQs get determined because these get sourced from suppliers in bags of hundreds.
  • Fabric color choices helps to decide if it needs to be dyed or available in stock colors.
  • If there is any need for dyeing cost then you will need to calculate it.
  • Artwork file reviews, even helps to decide the suitable printing technique and its cost.
  • Specifications even help to calculate cost of woven tags, care labels, or hang tabs.
  • You even get an accurate idea of sample production price tag.
  • And more

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Steps to create tech pack for your fashion collection properly

  • Show the professionals what kind of clothes you desire to design

Different images or sketches on the cover page or introduction page help manufacturers understand the style and look you aim for.

  • Tell how many pieces per size, style, and colour you wish to design

All reputable manufacturers possess MOQs but still want to know your aim for total order quantity as well as how you will spread them across different sizes. Actually, manufacturers don’t stock a lot of fabric because it takes plenty of room and is costly. Fabric is sourced from wholesale suppliers having their personal MOQs. If dyeing is necessary then manufacturer will get an idea of how much fabric needs to be dyed.

  • Specific fabric and material list

In tech packs, you will need to highlight some fabric kind for manufacturers to get an idea to start. If you are not sure about the fabric then include general hand feel or weight of material. For example, cotton which is little thick and heavy for T-shirts to be worn in spring season. Manufacturers can easily narrow available fabric range that speeds quoting process.

Material also includes aesthetic and functional features like trims, buttons, jewels, straps, clips, zippers, etc. You will need to clearly mention the size, quality, types, and images of the zip or buttons or sequence you desire to add in the clothing.

  • Include specific fabric colour and artwork for printing or embroidery or embellishments

Pantone Code is used to describe colours in tech packs. Artwork of embroidery and printing can be conveyed via image files or screenshots.

  • Needed seam-to-seam measurement

Seam measurement helps to calculate fabric amount, printing, dyeing and production cost. Manufacture uses the measure from tech pack to design tailored fit clothing. With correct measurement, the first prototype designed will be very close to necessary size and fitting.

  • Tell about tabs and labels

This is an exciting part, where designers see their branded tags and labels on the clothing’s they designed. These are extra costs but helps to get accurate production cost, if added to the tech pack from the start.