Artificial Christmas Tree – Why is it a Better Option?

For most of the Italian families who display their Christmas tree every winter holidays, artificial trees are the best option to consider. Not only artificial trees are easy to maintain and decorative but also you can store it to be reused several times. It has become quite popular these days because they look real and the leaves are of superior quality, which gives a luxurious impact.

Since the look is made to be more realistic it is expensive but only one-time investment. Unlike the real ones you do not have to pay each and every year during your holidays. In the recent years’ people’s life has changed, lifestyle has become more urban and faster. Needless to say, people do not have time to prune and care for pine trees planted at home. Therefore, artificial trees can be the best option and also you can decorate it with an ease.

No pollen

Natural trees have pollen and a lot of people are allergic to it. With an artificial tree there isn’t any chances of the pine cones fallen on the floor and thereby increasing your work of vacuuming. There is no question of watering the artificial one so there is no water spillage as well. In short, you do not have to maintain it and after usage you have to store it properly.

Economically friendly

Owing to the fact that the imitation Christmas tree drastically cuts down on the cost, it has gained popularity all over the globe. According to the recent reports 98 percent of the Schengen countries uses artificial Christmas tree for décor purposes. However, before buying you must check these following things:


This is one the most essential criteria for selecting a Christmas tee. The costly ones which gives an exuberant effect is made up of high-quality polymers that mimics the look and the velvety touch of the original ones. Moreover, these are handmade and gives a personal touch to it. if you search online you will get in most of the web stores.


While you are buying one for your family always go for a good brand with a renowned reputation. This adds to the shelf life of the tree and also determines the quality of the leaves. Moreover, at times if you need maintenance most of the companies provide restoration with a bare minimum cost. Holyart is a reputed Italian website which allows off season discounts. You can rely on their quality.

Also, you can buy items related to Christmas decoration all at once. Holyart is known for their transparency with their customers. You can check the quality of the leaves as they give high resolution pictures and be assured to get the same. Even the delivery service is quick and on time. In a nutshell, this is a complete hassle-free way of shopping.


One of the best and easiest ways to wrap the tree is in plastic or sheets. This can be a good idea if the branches twist good after you disassemble it. Most of the artificial trees in the market has hinged branches which means each section can be compressed and then stored away. Read the manual carefully before you take further steps. Moreover, you will also get protective solution to protect the leaves and the suede effect of it.