Create A Fashion Statement With Minimalist Jewelry

Women across the globe have one thing in common among them and that is their never ending quest to possess exquisite jewelry designs. Although most of the styles and designs remains static but the value changes along with the look and format. Most of the time higher value does not mean more gold, platinum or silver, it actually means better craftsmanship and designs with authentic gradation. Minimalist jewelry has gained new popularity as it can be teamed up with anything and worn at any time of the day. Most of the minimalist jewelry has their own charm and can give an edge to the total look, when paired properly.

Why the trend is on rise?

Emergence of the fast lives requires hassle free jewelry and hence the heavy crafted designs have been replaced with light and chic designs. The busy women these days are juggling with both career and home. However, they cannot go out of style. Therefore, minimalist jewelry can be the best choice for the modern women.

Selecting necklace designs

While you are opting for a minimalistic look, you must not forget that you cannot leave out the necklace part. Women necklace with small floral designs, eclectic designs or geometric designs are always the most bought among the ladies of all age group. Not only these styles can go with most of the outfit but you can also use them as a daily or even office wear.

Selecting the earrings

Statement yet minimalistic earrings are hot picks among the Hollywood celebs. You can go for pearl earrings, or even precious metal earrings, if you have the budget. Otherwise you can always go for silver to be used daily. While gold and platinum along with precious stones can create a lasting look, silver will always give you an understated yet chic look.


Buying a minimalistic piece can be the most daunting task. Usually they are not very highly priced and can be purchased with few bucks. Therefore, you can have your own jewelry box stuffed with these chic designs, which can be worn at any given occasion. It is advised that you must buy from authentic jewelry houses and have certification of your product.

Always keep in mind that all kind of jewelries with precious metal should have proper certification stating the weight and purity percentage. Before buying you must do a proper research. Check the client testimonials and reviews on their social pages and online official web site. Any reputed jewelry will have their registration and governmental certification listed on their website

Discount and offers

Most of the time these pieces do not have any offers and discounts. However, you can get off season discounts from various sites. Also, some time jewelers give discount when you are buying in bulk. Therefore, always keep yourself updated.

Giving he cocktail party look a make over

Cock tail parties are always about latest fashionable dresses with heavy adornments and accessorizing. Move aside and instead create an impact with stacked up rings, thin layered necklaces, shoulder length sleek earrings, pile up with different styles of bracelets and pristine pendants.

Soon you will be the buzz of the party. These chic yet unique pieces are light weight, easy to carry and maintain. Not only will they give you a glamorous look but make you feel comfortable, while flaunting it.